Advantages of Micro Carbon Technology®

May 12, 2013 SiteOwner

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. products are manufactured with our exclusive, proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® which is our process of “complexing” small molecules containing carbon to nutrients.  These ultra-fine molecules are excellent nutrient carriers that enable more efficient nutrient absorption. This Micro Carbon Technology® makes HUMA GRO® nutrients much more effective and efficient than any other nutrient sources on the market today, several times more efficient than granular fertilizers and a few times more efficient than the highest quality chelates.  Additionally, they can be applied to the leaf as foliar feeds or put into the soil for quick root uptake, both with excellent results. This high efficiency rate and easy application allows you to improve your results while lowering your fertilizer inputs and can lead to a huge savings!

This unique combination of natural ingredients, ultra-fine molecules and processing techniques produces the most advanced plant and turf nutrition and specialty treatments available on the market today. Bio Huma Netics, Inc. product lines have a solution to address almost every need when it comes to helping your crops and turf & ornamentals grow to their potential and stay healthy. And, our Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) in our Probiotic Solutions® line of environmental  remediation products works just as efficiently to treat wastewater.  In essence, MCT consistently delivers better results with lower input costs, leading to a better bottom line…naturally.


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