Huma Gro® Lists 22 Products With CDMS Online Database

January 28, 2016 Larry Cooper

Gilbert, AZ: Bio Huma Netics, Inc., has listed 22 of its Huma Gro® liquid nutrition and crop protection products with the Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) online product label database.

The products listed include 4 from its Sustainable Soil Fertility group (Encapsalt®, Fertil Humus®, Soil-Max™, and Zap®), 3 Carbon-Rich Organic Acids (Fulvi Pro®, Huma Pro®, and X-Tend®), 5 from its Optimal Growth Management Group (Activol®, Breakout®, Golden Gro™, Jackpot®, and Vitol®), 4 Primary Nutrients (Lucky 7®, Super K™, Super Nitro®, and Super Phos®), 4 from its Secondary Macronutrients and Micronutrients group (44 Mag®, Calcium, Max Pak®, and Z-Max®), and 2 from its EPA-exempt, OMRI listed Zero-Residue Crop Protection group (Promax® and Proud 3®).

CDMS provides North American growers with online product databases and access to agronomic systems to create crop plans for planting, fertilizing, crop protection, and other field activities. To access Huma Gro® product information in the CDMS database, go to, enter “Huma Gro” in the “Brand Name” box, and click “Search”.

Justin Smith, Executive Vice President for Huma Gro® Sales, states that CDMS listing is an important addition to the company’s sales strategy for informing North American growers about our Huma Gro® line of liquid plant nutrition and crop protection products: “Listing in the CDMS product label and SDS database puts information about our products directly in the hands of growers and allows them to compare our products with others—a comparison we welcome—by using their computer, tablet, or smartphone.”

Bio Huma Netics offers over 70 highly efficient products in the Huma Gro® brand for nearly every agricultural and turf application. These products, developed with our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®, have a positive environmental impact that promotes plant growth and beneficial soil microorganisms, are safe for foliar application to leaves with less toxicity and burn when applied per label instructions, and reduce the amount of fertilizer and crop protection products needed to accomplish maximum results. For more information about Huma Gro® products, contact Justin Smith at 480.423.6808, send an email to, or go to

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About Bio Huma Netics Inc.
Founded in Mesa, Arizona, in 1973, Bio Huma Netics, Inc., is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental challenges for agriculture (Huma Gro®); horticulture, turf & ornamentals (Huma Gro® Turf); and water & wastewater (Probiotic Solutions®) through its constantly improving Micro Carbon Technology®. Learn more at

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