Three Products for Optimal Soil Health

May 3, 2012 Ellen

Why HUMA GRO® Advanced Soil Technology? Healthy soils are the foundation from which your crops can grow to their maximum potential. HUMA GRO® soil-activating products improve soil physical properties, mineral availability and convert organic matter into nutrient-rich humus — the most important element in highly productive soils. Below are three featured HUMA GRO® soil activators to improve your soil:

BLEND™ Improves Soil Structure
• Activates beneficial aerobic bacteria & actinomycetes
• Flocculates clay particles or aggregates sand for improved soil structure
• Increases water penetration
• Improves buffering of extreme soil pH & sequestering of salts
• Solubalizes inorganic nutrients for efficient plant uptake
• Stimulates root mass development

FERTIL HUMUS® Manages Residue
• Activates beneficial soil fungi including mycorrhizal fungi
• Digests crop residues & organic matter
• Controls & reduces the habitat for soil born diseases
• Improves buffering and decomposition of excess pesticides, heavy metals & chemical residues
• Increases water retention
• Stimulates root mass development

ZAP® Improves Soil Health
• Activates a broad spectrum of both fungal and bacterial microbes
• Creates a positive soil environment for a healthy soil
• Excellent to apply after fumigation to regenerate beneficial microbial populations
• Competitively excludes the development of pathogenic organisms
• Gives parasitic nematodes an alternative food source
• Works in conjunction with FERTIL HUMUS® and BLEND™ for complete soil conditioning

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