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At the heart of every grower lives the desire to push limits. As they work hard from early morning till late, they push not just themselves, but their land, soil, seeds, inputs, and machinery–all to deliver more than the year before. Increasing yield, while keeping costs as low as possible, is at the heart of all they do. Since 1973, growers from around the globe have experienced not only unprecedented yield increases, but also dramatically improved crop quality, uniformity, taste, longevity, and soil conditions–all from using Huma Gro ® products with Micro Carbon Technology ® . Our products are made in the U.S.A. and work so effectively, those who experience the results rarely go back! We understand the need to not only push the limits of agricultural production, but to do so responsibly. Our carefully engineered products are environmentally safe. They are rigorously tested by independent growers and distributors. When used consistently, they dramatically improve the soil structure and produce a sustainable ecosystem resulting in a compounded effect–bringing even richer results year after year, while protecting our earth for future generations. At Huma Gro ® , we believe in the power of agriculture and in the ability of every grower to make a difference. We are dedicated to strengthening your crop and your business by providing you with products that push limits, so that you can achieve more! Welcome Powered by Micro Carbon Technology ® 2

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