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2014 Winter Newsletter

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Page 1 of 5 Making a Difference Around the World Results from Greece COPPER & SUPER PHOS™ Produce Quality COPPER HUMA GRO® COPPER promotes the plant vegetation, while it assists the control of fungus and bacteria diseases. It can be mixed with almost all synthetic fungicides for improving their efficiency. COPPER can also be applied alone on pear and apple trees for improving the control of various diseases. Those two crops do not accept conventional copper compounds, while our COPPER does not create any russeting on fruits. SUPER PHOS™ Cotton: The product is applied as a foliar twice, at the early flowering stages and again after 2-3 weeks at the rate of 1.70 L/Ha. Farmers are satisfied because of the very fast reaction of the plants, because within a few hours, they obtain a deep green color. Later the treated plants produce much heavier bolls in comparison to the untreated. Several good farmers began to add a third spray by using SUPER K™ at the rate of 1 L/Ha. Other farmers are adding into their program a last spray (30-40 days before the use of defoliants) of CALCIUM and JACKPOT®. Results from China The HUMA GRO® Difference on Crops Check Check Check Check 2

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