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Bio Energizer Reduces Sludge, Odor, City in in IL Field Study

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Ammonia released from the sludge blanket feeds algae which become a source of BOD as they consume oxygen under dark conditions in the BOD5 test bottle. Not only do algae consume oxygen at night, but when they die, they release their cellular material back into the BOD5 bottle or lagoon water column feeding other algae and bacteria. In shallow ponds, accumulated sludge itself can slough off into the effluent adding further to TSS and BOD problems. The solution to these problems is to remove the sludge. PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS ® s 7 (OUSTON !VE 'ILBERT !: s s &AX s INFO PROBIOTICCOM s WWWPROBIOTICCOM ©2011, trademarks and registered trademarks of Bio Huma Netics, Inc. Product Info BIO ENERGIZER ® is a broad-spectrum bio-activator containing over 30 essential microbial growth-promoting ingredients. By design, BIO ENERGIZER ® is a balanced formulation of vitamins, trace nutrients, enzymes, organic acids, and bio- stimulants that motivate the existing microbial community to greater metabolic capacity and efficiency. BIO ENERGIZER ® is not a bacterium nor an inoculum. &OR MANY YEARS WASTEWATER OPERATORS HAVE CONTINUED TO USE ")/ %.%2'):%2 ® to cut their sludge hauling costs. Operators Using BIO ENERGIZER ® Report: 1) Increases in BOD removal efficiency. BIO ENERGIZER ® improves treatment plant removal efficiency to increase plant treatment capacity and more easily meet effluent requirements. 2) The elimination of expensive dredging costs. BIO ENERGIZER ® converts sludge into gases and water, reducing sludge accumulations. No draining, drying, excavating, or inconvenient down time. 3) The reduction of odors and aeration costs. Probiotic enhance aerobic and facultative biological eco-systems to reduce the production of objectionable and offensive odors and enhances dissolved oxygen levels. BIO ENERGIZER ® also increases the dissolved oxygen levels which decreases the need for aeration. BIO ENERGIZER ® enhances endogenous respiration for faster and more complete oxidation of sludge into carbon dioxide and water. Call Toll Free Today for Your Free Pond Evaluation and Sludge Removal Quote 1 (800) 961-1220 Our PROBIOTIC SOLUTIONS ® Products Are Highly Efficient and Effective Due to Our Unique Delivery System

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