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A Message From Lyndon Smith, President On Our New Location "Looking back at the last quarter, moving our packaging and bottling to the new Gilbert facility has been the largest change. The final part of construction is Phase III: the Bulk Tank Farm and Phase IV: the Blending/Mixing Tanks. We're very excited about what this building can do for us! We'll be able to produce quicker and more efficiently than ever! This facility has a greater capability for consistency and quality in the finished goods, allowing us to produce a better product. One of the things we are excited about doing at the upcoming BHN Conference is a ceremony dedicating the building with local government officials, and media coverage. Trade Shows The Probiotic Solutions® team has attended many trade shows this year showing the Probiotic Solutions® products. Good job Probiotic Solutions® team! We just celebrated our one-year anniversary of having our offices moved to the Gilbert facility, and we have been so pleased with the offices, the capability of the warehouse and the new bottling line. We are anxious to have the new blending facility up and running. We've been able to increase and improve our capacity with more storage space for raw materials as well as finished goods. Our bottling capacity is four to five times faster. Being able to store our raw material at our facility is a big cost savings and much more convenient. More raw materials allows us to order more products in bulk volume, which is a tremendous cost savings as opposed to only ordering just what we need for that day or week. It allows us to have those raw materials stock piled and ready to use in a moment's notice. We can produce quicker." On the Exciting Micro Carbon Technology™ "Micro Carbon Technology™ (MCT) is the only thing that sets us apart from the rest of the environmental industry. So when we focus on MCT, it really allows us to distinguish ourselves from all other products and technologies on the market. There are other companies that have additives, but the benefit of our MCT is that it encompasses many additives and a whole lot more, but in a small molecule package with carbon. One concern with focusing on our MCT is that other companies are going to claim they have it too. However that can't be true for two reasons: 1) They do not have the unique raw material source from our mine, and 2) They don't have the same process. It doesn't matter who they are, they will not have the same process that we use to get to that very small molecule forming our Micro Carbon Technology™." On this Year's BHN World Conference "We are so excited about our 2012 Conference that we think it'll be our best ever with more people, more opportunities for learning and sharing, and building comradery amongst our distributors, dealers and representatives. We find that as time goes by and the bigger we get, it's hard to remember to share with each other what's new and what's going on. The Conference is a special opportunity to come and get up-to-date information from everywhere around the world including what's going on, what their best practices are, what their greatest successes are, and what some unique usages of the products are. We're especially excited to focus this Conference on Micro Carbon Technology™. We're pleased to share some new information which will even better define us and help us stand out from our competition. You can't beat this event for learning how to become a successful BHN distributor. The Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Gilbert that we have chosen is ideally suited for our Conference presentations, meetings, and activities. We'll have a beautiful conference room that will facilitate everything we want to do and accomplish. Besides the beautiful venue, Arizona has beautiful weather in November and it's the best place to be during this time of year. It's always a pleasure to have everyone come in from all over the world and see and feel that we're all part of a bigger organization. We look forward to having fun, getting to know those new people that we don't know, and being able to see everyone get better acquainted. We strongly encourage you to attend the BHN Family World Conference 2012." Featured Distributor Brand: Probiotic Solutions® Distributor: Bio Chem Owner Name: Mike Napier State: Indiana Distributor Since: 1996 Mike's Favorites Hobby: Fitness and cycling Football Team: Indianapolis Colts TV Show: Modern Family Food: Pizza Ice cream Flavor: Ice cream, it's like pizza, even bad ice cream is good. Holiday: Christmas because it brings our family together

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